Be Prepared

By Blake Day, DAY Adjusting and Consulting

At Day Adjusting & Consulting, we step into high gear when disaster strikes and go to work immediately to help our clients. As Public Adjusters, we advocate for businesses every day in the fight against their insurance companies. We work to get business owners back to doing what they do best, running their businesses, and not worried about their insurance claims. Considering the upcoming hurricane season, we wanted to share a few steps we suggest taking to be prepared.

Review Commercial Policy – Make sure your insurance has coverage for a named storm event. Check your policy for Replacement Cost Value or Actual Cash Value as these could significantly change your claim payout.

Video and Photograph Your Building – Include all the contents inside as well as the exterior of the building.

Do Your Research – Have a roofer and water mitigation company in mind in case you need them. After a hurricane, you may not have internet, so research now.

Find a Company that Provides a Pre-storm Season Inspection – Several local adjusting and roofing companies can provide these typically free of charge.  This inspection report can be used as proof of the pre-storm conditions of your property in case you need to make a claim.

Research Insurance Adjuster – if you need assistance with your insurance claim, do your research and find a local company that can advocate on your behalf from day one after a loss. Having an adjuster that can be there from the very first day can often expedite the claims settlement process.

Document – If you do have a loss, make sure to document the damage with as many photos and videos as possible. Starting in 2023 there is no longer a prevailing party attorney fee statute. This means if your insurance company does not properly pay your claim and you are forced to sue, the attorney’s fees will come out of your indemnity rather than being charged separately to the insurance company. For this reason, it is extremely important to document your property before and after a storm so that you can be properly indemnified.

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