Comments from Lois Croft

Comments from Lois Croft, Southwest Regional Director – Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association

The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association is in support of the restaurants utilizing their parking spaces for outdoor seating within City and County regulations and the fire code.
Monday, the restaurant regulations of the Governor are in place – a 25% capacity for inside seating and outdoor seating is permitted, both respecting the six-foot social distancing rule.
Allowing tables to be placed in parking spaces would increase the seating capacity of the restaurant, increase their revenue stream and bring back employees who are currently unemployed.  This is a short-term realignment of parking requirements.  The indoor capacity of a restaurant will increase as the Governor adjusts the percentage and the outdoor tables in parking spaces can be brought inside.
Monday the restaurants are open and they need to know what restrictions they have and if they can use these parking spaces.  Opening up is a process…”