Emergency Permitting in Collier County

Collier County enforces State model floodplain ordinance. In fact, our floodplain ordinance mirrors what the State floodplain ordinance is.

FEMA makes their assessment of damage in accordance with the National Flood Insurance program and the Florida Building Code. This is what Collier County is dependent upon in their determination.

Water damage below 18” is considered minor damage and does not require a building permit to replace.
Damage over 18” is considered major/substantial damage, which the County must track for FEMA purposes for future audit related to substantial vs. insubstantial damage and the 50% rule.

The County does not require a permit to remove your drywall or cabinets that are wet and damaged.  The County’s philosophy is to GET THE WET OUT. NO PERMIT REQUIRED JUST GET IT OUT.

However, replacing this drywall, cabinets, etc., does require permitting, and for damages such as flooring, electric, kitchen cabinets, and drywall, there is a total of 5 inspections required.

We’ve had conversation in the Board meeting concerning the reimbursement of permitting by individual insurance companies, but at this point the cost of permitting has not been decided.

CLICK HERE for Emergency Permitting – COLLIER COUNTY
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Submitted by offices of Commissioner Penny Taylor