Emillions Art joins 5thAvenue South

Emillions Art, founded by Marlissa Gardner, has opened its doors at 5thAvenue South in Naples.
Emillions is an art consultant that specializes in high end, contemporary fine art. The team has worked with clients from the United States to Europe all the way to Dubai. Emillions consultants can assist clients who are looking to start a collection or enhance their current portfolio. In addition to working with customers looking to beautify their homes, the consultants also work with organizations, hotels and Fortune 500 companies. Emillions deals in modern masters and old masters and will aid in the process of monetizing a piece of art or recommend reinvesting into a higher trajectory. While they don’t authenticate artwork themselves, they do help facilitate the process of determining the value of these assets and collectibles.
Founder Marlissa Gardner said every one of the company’s clients has different need. “Some are customers who are looking to complete their personal collection in their home, and some customers are purchasing artwork as collateral. What almost all of my clients have in common is that they understand the allure of fine art and that it doesn’t depreciate in value,” Gardner said.
Gardner founded Emillions five years ago in the Boston area and later relocated to Florida. The name Emillions was inspired by the fine wine region near Bordeaux in France, known as Saint-Émilion. Gardner sees the lovely, smooth wine produced from this region as an art, and decided it would be fitting to name her very own art company after it. Customers responded very well to the name after further development and branding, and it began to stick. However, Gardner discussed how “customers were pronouncing it E-Millions, as if it were an online store. Interestingly, we ended up growing into this Internet inspired name and began offering our consulting services and artwork online,” adds Gardner.