Market Trends 2024: Ignorance is Bliss Until it Isn’t

03/12/2024 all-day
Caloosa Sound Convention Center
1375 Monroe St
Fort Myers
FL 33901
Market Trends
Market Trends 2024: Ignorance is Bliss Until it Isn’t @ Caloosa Sound Convention Center

Local real estate experts will convene in Southwest Florida to present Market Trends 2024, Southwest Florida’s largest real estate summit, which will be held from 4 to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 12 at Caloosa Sound Convention Center in Fort Myers.

The theme of the spring Market Trends event is “Ignorance is Bliss Until it Isn’t.” As market noise and recession speculations intensify, is covering your ears and plowing forward the better path? In the capital markets, debt funding is scarce and costly, with the impacts of elevated interest rates continuing to plague deals and the residential resale market. The space markets have been resilient, but for how long? The region may not be able to return to the bliss of ignorance.

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