Florida Department of Health bulletin regarding the water quality of our beaches

The Florida Department of Health in Collier County participates in a statewide Healthy Beaches program. We sample a total of 12 beaches in Collier County each week for enterococci bacteria, a saltwater quality indictor.

The 6 beaches that sampled poor last week (Tigertail, Naples Pier, Doctor’s Pass, Parkshore, Clam Pass, and Vanderbilt Beach) have come back “good” this week. Our advisory signage will be removed at those specific sites later today.
We continue to conduct routine weekly samples with a confirmatory resample if needed.  The samples collected this week had one initial sample with a poor result, Resident’s Beach. We are resampling this location again today to confirm the result and will post an advisory if warranted.
Although our sampling is specific to the water quality for enterococci bacteria test results, there are still concerns over storm related debris that can be hazardous and subjected to harmful bacteria.
Below is the link to the Florida Healthy Beaches public website for reference and posted results:

Submitted by offices of Commissioner Penny Taylor.