Florida Senior Consulting expands services into Broward County

Florida Senior Consulting, the state’s largest privately-owned care management and placement firm, has expanded its full suite of services into Broward County.

With a team of seasoned health care professionals specializing in senior care, Florida Senior Consulting partners with seniors and their families to assist them with resources for aging in place, or to find the best health care and living options that are tailored to meet their needs. Florida Senior Consulting’s core services include education and navigation, advocacy, family assistance, living selection and placement and home care service coordination. As of 2024, Broward County is home to over 300,000 seniors, which accounts for nearly 17% of the county population.

“Navigating the complexities of senior care services and living options can be overwhelming for older adults and their families, and that’s where Florida Senior Consulting steps in with compassionate, comprehensive guidance,” said Scott Miller, CEO of Florida Senior Consulting. “Whether you wish to remain at home or move into a senior living community, there are so many questions and considerations unique to your situation. For Florida Senior Consulting, it’s about understanding the individual’s care needs as well as their lifestyle desires. Our team brings years of experience working with seniors and families to alleviate decision-making stress, provide guidance and offer peace of mind.”

All Florida Senior Consulting team members are Certified Dementia Practitioners and have experience working with seniors and their families in a variety of roles, including nursing care, geriatric health care administration and health care advocacy.

To learn more about Florida Senior Consulting, please visit FloridaSeniorConsulting.com.

About Florida Senior Consulting

With a growing Florida presence currently serving Sarasota, Seminole, Pinellas, Palm Beach, Orange, Manatee, Miami-Dade, Lee, Hillsborough, DeSoto, Broward, Charlotte and Collier counties, Florida Senior Consulting stands as a guiding light for seniors and their families. Their expertise in family assistance, case management, education, senior living selection and placement and ongoing advocacy ensures each senior’s journey is met with the highest level of care and personal attention. To learn more, visit FloridaSeniorConsulting.com, contact info@floridaseniorconsulting.com or call 800-969-7176.