Lee Commissioners approve direction for the Long-term Recovery Task Force

Fort Myers, FL,  – The Lee Board of County Commissioners voted Tuesday to approve direction from its Aug. 15 workshop that county staff will take a more active role in the Long-Term Recovery Task Force as it works to deliver a final report and associated plans in December.

After about six months of meetings with stakeholders on various task force branches, county staff will work with Hagerty Consulting to evaluate suggested initiatives in order to identify common themes that are actionable and financially feasible. County staff will work to ensure that stakeholders – the county, cities, special districts and organizations – consider and adopt plans for which their jurisdictions or entities would be responsible.

The county would like to thank ResilientLee Long-term Recovery Task Force members, branch leaders and participants for their support, time and commitment to the long-term recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. ResilientLee is an important initiative for the community and our local government leaders.

To watch the Board of County Commissioners Aug. 15 workshop on the Long-Term Recovery Task Force Update, you can go here, or view the PowerPoint here.

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