Lee Commissioners award contract for Emergency Operations Center expansion

Fort Myers, FL – The Lee Board of County Commissioners voted Tuesday to award a contract for a two-story, 36,873 square-foot addition to the existing Emergency Operations Center at 2675 Ortiz Ave., Fort Myers.

During normal operations, the building will house the Public Safety Administration, Emergency Medical Services, and a new Emergency Communications Center, with space for Public Safety’s Division of Emergency Communications, Lee County Sheriff’s Office Communications, and the Lee County Department of Transportation’s Traffic Operations Center.

When activated for an emergency, the Emergency Operations Center will be staffed with key personnel from first-responder agencies, emergency relief organizations, county departments, municipalities, utility companies and other essential agencies.

To accommodate the numerous personnel during activation, the new facility will be equipped with technology and equipment, numerous restrooms, showers, and sleeping accommodations, an extensive training facility, and additional amenities to contribute to the building’s efficiency and operational requirements.

This expansion was being planned well before Hurricane Ian. The Board approved a contract with an architectural firm in June 2019. Manhattan Construction Co. was selected through the bidding process earlier this year to provide construction services for the $28.7 million contract.

This project is funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and State Appropriation Funds with key support from Lee County’s legislative delegation.

Construction is expected to take about 19 months.

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