Massimo “Max” Carta appointed managing partner at “The Bevy”

Massimo “Max” Carta has been appointed managing partner at Naples’ 3rd Street South restaurant, “The Bevy”.

A resident of Naples for the past ten years, Carta was born and raised in Sardinia, Italy. A graduate of the University of Sassari, he holds a master’s degree in organizational science.

Carta is a Naples restauranteur with a strong background in hospitality and customer satisfaction. With a skill set that is in sync with both the hospitality and real estate businesses, Carta joined Gulf Coast International Properties in 2022 and quickly found success in the industry.

Recognizing the overlapping nature of the two enterprises, he has brought his business acumen to “The Bevy”, joining the team as an executive partner. Carta will work closely with General Manager Sebastián Diez, who hails from some of Miami’s restaurants including Carpaccio, Villagio, Sea Grill and Nobu.

A return to his hospitality roots yet continuing to forge ahead on his successful real estate trajectory, Carta will now share his passionate for Naples in these two separate entities.

“I am very excited to have this incredible opportunity to combine my two passions, hospitality and luxury real estate, into one career. With a laser focus on always achieving the utmost in client satisfaction, I am delighted to continue to serve the exclusive clientele of Naples at both The Bevy and Gulf Coast International Properties,” stated Massimo “Max” Carta.