Naples Health Tech Company Wins State Award

NAPLES, Fla. (November 10, 2020) — HealthMe Technology, a digital marketplace to connect doctors and self-paying patients, was an award winner at the 2020 Florida Early Stage Capital Conference organized by Space Florida and the Florida Venture Forum.

Naples, Fla.-based HealthMe won $20,000 after a committee of venture-capital investors selected the firm from a pool of 150 applicants and 21 finalists selected to present their business at the Florida Early Stage Capital Conference October 14 and 15.

Founded by Dr. Michael Havig, an orthopedic surgeon in Naples, Fla., HealthMe is a software platform that lets patients select their own doctors and pay them directly for health care, bypassing insurance and red tape. The direct-to-consumer solution brings together doctors and patients in a digital marketplace for transparently priced bundled health care. Finally, patients can understand the total cost of an operation or procedure through bundling of health products and services into one package at a specific price, significantly lower than using a piecemeal approach.

For example, when a patient decides to pursue a knee replacement, the total cost can be difficult to measure. When measured in its totality, a knee replacement starts with the first consult, imaging studies, and then finishes with in-home or clinical physical rehabilitation with costs adding up step by step. By utilizing HealthMe, a patient can purchase an office visit, imaging, surgery, and therapy, all the services and products required for a knee replacement from beginning to end, for a transparent price.

“Investors recognized that HealthMe provides the missing link that brings together the growing numbers of self-paying patients and self-insured employers seeking reasonable health care prices and doctors who are looking for ways to avoid the headaches and high costs of excessive documentation and delays tied to insurance reimbursement programs,” says Havig, the CEO of HealthMe. “The vision is to change how health care is transacted for the better.”

Fact is that health care costs confuse most Americans. When health care is broken into its segments, it becomes easier to understand. Emergency and catastrophic injury require a different solution than elective surgery or non-life-threatening care.

“As a seed investor in HealthMe, Adrenaline Venture Fund recognized that Dr. Havig, who is responsible for running his own medical practice, is on the front line of patient care and health care costs,” says Timothy Cartwright, partner of Fifth Avenue Family Office and general partner of Adrenaline Venture Fund. “The idea behind HealthMe represents a unique opportunity to deliver better health care because doctors can now focus on what truly matters — their patients.”

Using the HealthMe marketplace at, patients can shop for the best medical services for a fair price. Because patients pay for care in advance, doctors who participate in the marketplace get paid within days of the patient visits and do not have to file any burdensome paperwork.

“Space Florida congratulates HealthMe Technology as a winner of the 2020 Florida Early Stage Capital Conference,” says Space Florida President and CEO Frank DiBello. “I also applaud Florida Venture Forum for creating a successful first-ever, all-virtual conference. These events are essential in highlighting Florida’s start-up ecosystem and venture capital community.”

“Congratulations to HealthMe Technology,” says Kevin Burgoyne, president and CEO of the Florida Venture Forum. “With such strong competition from the other presenting companies, HealthMe’s recognition by Space Florida portends a bright future for this Southwest Florida headquartered startup.”

For more information about HealthMe, visit or call 888-994-3627.

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